For Pop Covers

OlivePress is the go-to place for function band leaders who need accurate, no-fuss charts and parts for their horn players.

These charts and parts have all been road-tested with my function band The Chromatones. I created them to meet a need that many band leaders face: how to get good, clear parts on the stand for horn players that match or compliment the song as heard on the record, with enough flexibility built-in to the structure to allow for some vamping on the night.

With this in mind I created parts and a band leader chord chart with clear section headers and a few structural cues, leaving options open for how it might be played on the night. The band leader’s chord chart includes a cue for the lead horn line whenever there is one playing.

Find out more about the concept in the video below, and visit the list of tunes to see if what you need is there today. Get in touch if there’s another tune you need parts for!

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